by Jung Manhater

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This album will be free forever.

Here is an explainer on why the record is called Cutter. It is not about self-abuse.


released December 15, 2016

A. Rose plays guitar on "...Live To Want"



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Jung Manhater San Diego, California

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Track Name: Night Terror
In a forking path, whichever route
Brings me back to you
Isn't where I'll be
Track Name: Healer
I remember what you told me
"I can't even diss you"
"You're one of the strongest people I know"
"I'm so proud of you"
"Even when you're not there, you're there"
"You matter endlessly"
"I love you and fuck all of this"
"I love you too"
"I love you"

You heal me
Track Name: Lame Song (For Carla)
September 10th, 2014.
Los Angeles
A long drive to see you.

I was feeble
So I sat on the floor, surrounded
I was feeble
but when you stood, I stood
I stood for it all
Even when your finger shot through my chest
When you finished
I was feeble again
But I knew this was coming by then

So you appeared

I found myself waving through fear
And you waved back
I shook your hand and said “thank you”
and meant for everything
And you smiled and passed

And then I was feeble
And then we were victims of a lout
And I sank into fears
And I sank into doubts
And I sank
To learn to swim

I took my right hand
and put fear inside
I took my right hand
and put doubt inside
I took my right hand
and dumped it all on the Roxy floor
Track Name: Oh, You
This next song isn’t for you. Would you listen to a song that isn’t for you?

Give me your scalp
Return my name
Memories of that family have your stench
I’d say you’ve done enough
You’ve done enough

We cradled him like
We cradled my father
Left in the desert
Left in the desert
Left with us

Oh, You, this is it
Oh, You, don’t give me words
Oh, You, you owe me this
Track Name: Night Terror Reenactment
In a forking path, whichever route
Brings me back to you
Isn't where I'll be